Living Art/Beautiful Plants Which Require Minimal Care

Today's Blooms 10-10-16: Aeranthos/StricaHybrid, Stricta Soft, Brachy Hybrid. Fuego's Are Here!!

Welcome To EmeraldAirPlants!

In Bloom: Aeranthos x Stricta Hybrid (Low Buds)
Strict Soft!! Awesome (Low Buds)
Brachycaulos Hybrid (Small)
Erik Knob locks
Small Vernicosia

We wish to give every customer the greatest quality and best service available with their AirPlants purchase. We thank everyone for their loyalty and creativity. 

We suggest giving the plants a good mist twice weekly with clean water (most water that is treated in America is treated with Chlorine. Some filters can clean the bulk of the chlorine out but some can not. Any good drinking water will help the plant thrive). If the plant looks dehydrated after a few weeks we give our plants a little soak lets say in a bowl of clean water for a couple hours, no more than 24 hours! The plants will rot. Good evaporation is great for AirPlants. The plants love morning sun and late afternoon full sun. 

Shipping Note To Customers:

We ship based on weight and distance and try to find the overall best value for the customer as we wish to make no profit from shipping! If you are charged more for shipping than the amount needed for shipping and handling we will return the difference. We can usually keep shipping around $10 for usual orders and around $25 for big orders going far distances. We want to give the best value to our customers as possible!